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Why Choose Us

A Message from our Owner and Founder

This brokerage was hard fought to open. After spending a life on the water and a career change in my 50’s, I chose to mentor under 2 of the most knowledgeable  brokers in California. Learning all that was critical to becoming one of the very best, always aiming to use all that experience and open a brokerage where integrity and service were paramount and to treat each customer as if they were family. It shouldn’t be the exception, it has to be the rule upon which all others are based in this business. Buying a boat should be both fun AND safe and no budget is too small for the attention each buyer deserves. On the docks we do not ask each other what are job is or what we drive, from doctor to janitor, we merely ask “What kind of boat do you have?” and discuss the trials and stories between ourselves with passion and kinship.